“The iMaster concept has emerged from the desire to offer an insulation blowing machine that is innovative and meets todays demands for flexibility and performance.”

Improved working environment

Low sound and dust level

High capacity

Efficient blowing and large chamber

Precise settings

Matching your insulation task

Modern wireless remote control

Included as standard

Minimal maintenance

i.a. Brushless motor
imaster indblæsningsmaskine
Your benefits as professional insulator
when investing in a machine from iMaster ApS


Touch screen for 100% correct adjustment of material and airflow – together with other smart and relevant features in a stainless steel cabinet.


1,600 kg of cellulose insulation per hour – and almost 600 kg of mineral wool per hour. At maximum speed, you can cover 160 m2 of loft with a layer of 400 mm cellulose insulation in just 4 hours.


Up to 11 bags of cellulose insulation of 17.5 kg each, which means that e.g. insulation of cavity walls and smaller loft areas can be carried out by just one person, ensuring a sound economy.


Developed by insulators for insulators. We offer you the best knowledge in the field.


Hotline service on weekdays from 7:30 to 15:00. Get instant answers to your questions and save valuable time.


When we install your machine in your car, you will also be taught and trained in how it is used to full effect – and together we will go through all maintenance procedures, etc., making you ready to use your new machine the next day.

Insulation blowing machine type iM1:

First machine developed by iMaster, designed for both small and large tasks. One machine to do it all.

The machine consists of a chamber in which the insulation material is stored before it is blown out. The lower part of the chamber is equipped with a 5-piece rotating feeder system, which loosens and distributes the compressed material at the bottom of the chamber. The material is fed towards the hole where 3 rotating feeder shafts are pushing the material further down to the lock. Between the feeder shafts and the lock, 2 shredder shafts are breaking up the material. The lock is divided into 6 rooms, which one by one is being emptied by air pressure from a so-called side channel fan, thereby being pushed into the hose mounted on the pipe on the lock.

The principle is a constant pressure on the material through the hose, and the material is broken up in a closed chamber to minimize dust. The flow of material is constant, thanks to the unique construction and control of the feeder shafts.

The machine is connected to 2 x 230VAC via the two rubber cables. The two connections are divided as follows:

  1. control, lock, flow, and feeder, plus
  2. air.

Download iMaster leaflet (Danish)


Process capacity: Cellulose fibers: 1.600 kg/h, glass fibers: 600 kg/h, stone granulate: 800 kg/h.

Density up to: Cellulose fibers: 36m3/h, glass fibers: 26 m3/h, stone granulate: 20 m3/h.

Chamber size: 1.25 m3 (150 kg of cellulosic fiber material), without top frame.

Material: Suitable for cellulosic fibers, glass fibers, stone and EPS granules.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1550 x 1000 x 1570 mm (without top frame), top frame H +400 mm.

Loading height: 1130 mm

Weight: Approx. 450 kg

Control: Advanced PLC / HMI and motor control system

Operation: 7 “touch screen (HMI), task selection, monitoring, manual mode, etc.

Remote control: 10 buttons including start / stop / reset / air adjustment / material adjustment / call function.

Range: 160 m, two frequency channels

Power supply: 2 x 200-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 10-16A (capacity controlled)

Noise level: 70dB (low)

Dust level: Low. Due to slow material feeder auger movement.

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