Insulation with granules is a method enjoying remarkable growth in the market since granules used with the right blowing machines and technologies prevent thermal bridges – which is one of the disadvantages when insulation batts and rolls are used.

With more than 25 years of experience in working with authorized insulators, the market has identified a need for a more modern mechanical technology platform and a higher degree of digital, exact control of blowing machines. These changes will provide the high capacity that helps to ensure a sound economy when insulating all types of constructions.

The development of the new technology platform started in 2013, and with the establishment of iMaster ApS at the end of 2015, our first insulation machines (iM1) have been launched on the Danish market in 2016. During 2017, the product program will be presented on selected Scandinavian markets.


Our mission is to serve professional insulators working with blow-in insulation of granules, including cellulose insulation, mineral wool and expanded polystyrene, with the market’s most efficient and easy-to-use insulation machines. This will help the insulator to create a good economy in all insulation projects, taking into account the healthy working environment for the employees.


Our long-term goal is to establish a platform in the industry – at European and American level – as the company that develops and drives the market with regard to the most efficient mechanical and digital blowing machines for insulation with granules.

The company’s top management board, consisting of:

Gert W. Josephsen

Gert W. Josephsen

Chairman of the board

Claus Skov

Claus Skov

Member of the board

Lars K. Andersen

Lars K. Andersen


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